Thursday, June 4, 2009

A Trip to Taman Negara "the National Park"

"Brief Touristic Description about Taman Negara"

Jungle Trekking, river cruises and visiting to the aboriginal settlement are the most popular activities in Taman Negara. Taman Negara is one of the oldest tropical rainforests in the world, existed over 130 million years back. Canopy walk is a must-do activity in Taman Negara to observe the fascinating views of the rainforest which is built 30 meters above ground and 480 meters long. There are great opportunities to observe resident animals and ecosystem in well kept nature. Cave exploration by boat or by foot is available in Taman Negara.
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* I was composing for MICE and Incentive Magazine Malaysia 2008 - 2009 with below photo.

*Two colleagues of mine in the picture, guess who are they and where they from.

I was selling Taman Negara as our preferable product since for long time. However my first trip to there was with my colleague and two clients from Italy.

First Day:
We leave by coach at 0845 from lower lobby of Crowne Plaza Hotel. A Chinese lady guide made a running commentary about Taman Negara. There was about 4 hours trip to Kuala Tembeling after 10 minuets stop on the highway. Lunch at local Malay restaurant in Kuala Tembeling after we registered at guest registration counter. It was a nice boat ride for 3 hours on the motorized longboat where I viewed local villages and lush tropical rainforest. I spotted Blue-naped Kingfisher on the way flew over the Sg Tembling River. Monitor lizards are preying in the water next to the jungle side under the big shady tropic trees. We arrived at the Kuala Tahan in the late evening about 1800hrs. Check in at the Mutiara Taman Negara Resort which is the best resort in that area. All receptionists are very friendly and helpful while we were checking in. They introduced a Local Guide for our fist activities of "Night Jungle Walk" for that night. He came over at 2030hrs and gave a brief orientation for about 10 minutes and we lead to 130 million years old tropical jungle to experience the nightlife of flower and fauna. We saw Samber-deers liking salty ground through the torches.

Second Day:
Wake up with beautiful songs of various birds in the early morning to have a healthy breakfast at the resort. Our guide is ready to "Rock n' Roll" then we move to Bat Cave.. What a challenging experience!!! It was about 1 hour in the cave to reach another exist. The cave is also known as "Ear Cave" which is very similar to a tunnel of a human being's ear. It is completely not suitable for old ages and fat people (sorry to mention this but that's the truth). Basically the resident hosts are mainly hundreds of bats (our guide said these are lesser spider-eaters; I am not quiet sure), cave toads, cave snakes and of course insects. We conquered the cave within 45 minutes (I realized that my slim and swift body helps me to make it successfully). It was not raining in the cave but my colleague was like just came up from a lake with his cloth. Thereafter we visited to the Orang Asli Village (Orang = Man / Human, Asli = Original), in fact that was a settlement of aboriginal (the place of indigenous people). Straightaway, we went back to the resort by boat afterwards at the lunch time.

*The Indigenous People

To be continued..



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