Friday, June 5, 2009

A Trip to Taman Negara "National Park" 2

In the evening we went to another motorized boat ride to the catarcts of Lata Berkoh, a beautiful waterfall. However we could not stay there longer as there were some work places of busy bees. We spent about 2 hours for back and forth. My client point me out a hornbill flew from onside to another. (I will post the bird list separately later).

Third Day:
I was eager to experience the world's longest suspension bridge in the jungle of Taman Negara. Before I went to the resort outlet where the breakfast is serving, I enjoyed the early morning songs of lovely birds near my room. Breakfast was really nice like the day before. The guide was ready and proceed to the Canopy Walkway. He highlighted rich flora and fauna en-route however my memory is not suitable to remember the names of flowers and plants. We cross the 40 meters high and 530 meters long Canopy Walkway and experience the existence of the rainforest from a very different perspective. We continued to Teresek Hill. We went back the same way afterwards.

In the afternoon. We went for another boat ride in a strong current river for 45 minutes.

The Last Day:
After breakfast, we went back to the Kuala Lumpur through same way. You think it was boring? "No" it was another beautiful way that with full of environmental concerns in my mind.


My bird list for Taman Negara

1. Red Junglefowl
*I soptted after we came back from the Tesik Hill

2. Great Argus
*An Indian lady docter & a Chinese lady avocate who I met in Mutiara (with their binoculars) encouraged me to sopt it but unfortunately i could not make it since the trip is not completely (my personal birding trip).

3. Spotted Dove
*I have even spotted near by my house ^_^

4. Peaceful Dove
I believe it is very common too.

5. Pink-necked Green Pigeon
They are my neighbors as well. (I have never seen in my country).

6. Asian Koel
The singer of the Kuala Lumpur City Center

7. Greater Coucal
In the first morning of our stay in Mutiara Taman Negara , my colleague told me he saw a big brown bird at the backyard of our rooms. Then I spotted it.

8. Common Kingfisher
Yes, they are really common.

9. Black-nape Kingfisher
On the way to Kuala Tahan

10. Collared Kinggisher
I saw while we made white water rafting.

11.Blu-tailed Bee-eater

12. Great Hornbill
I am not sure it just flew throu from one to another side of the river from the tree top high. (later my friend told me it is most likely Great Hornbill)

13.Banded Woodpeacker

14. Common Flameback Black

15. Black and Yellow Broadbill

16. Ashy Minivet

17. Straw-headed Bulbul

18.Cream-vented Bulbul

19.Oriental Magpie Robin

20.Scarlet-backed Flowerpeacker

21.Java Munia

22. Black-headed Munia

23. Scaly-breasted Munia

24. Eurasian Tree Sparrow

25. Asian Glossy Starling

26. Common Myna

27. Jungle Myna

28. White-vented Myna

29.Black-naped Oriole

30. Black Drongo

31. Large-billed Crow
white water rafting


An Asian Tour Operator said...

Malaysian Bird specialist saw my Bird List for Tamanegara and made a rush comment as below.
27. Jungle Myna is not common there and perhaps I mixed up with another birds.
20. Scarlet-backed Flowerpeacker is also not a common there. He confidently said I mixed up with another birds again.
30. Black Drongo >> Although I spotted a few times in the Taman Negara area, he said it is not a common bird. But it can be seen there.


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