Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Environment & Tourism

Barrack Obamam, the President of United States of America, was quoted saying, "Global warming is not just the greatest environmental challenge facing our planet - it is one of our greatest challenge of any kind." Yes. I completely agree it. We are facing the climate crisis which is deepening and giving rise to a threat to global phenomenon of artificial natural disasters.

There is only one question in this case "How to preserve the environment?" But there are hundreds of working processes of it..

Environment Vs Tourism or Environment & Tourism

Environmental tourism, nature tourism or preferably ecotourism provides an opportunity to vist and experience the undisturbed or untouched natural areas, scenic vistas, and observe plants and wildlife of the particular destination. It is encouraged to share their natural environments with visitors by the respective government. However while maximizing the economic, environmental and social benefits from ecotourism, the local environment must be protected.

"In fact, nature tourism is the travel through and enjoyment of the natural world, its seasonal cycles and events, carried out in a manner that promotes the protection of natural and human communities and consideration for those who will inherit our world."

To be continued..




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