Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Malaysia Truly Asia

I have traveled around the Southeast Asia countries and met many people, experienced many destinations. I strongly believed Southeast Asia countries are the best destinations for those who love exotic culture & nature. Among these, I really need to start from Malaysia for the sake of my occupation. It is fair, anyway it is the truth.

I love Malaysia which is a country of fascinating insights and attractions. Enchantment of Malaysia has been legendary especially with the colorful contrasts of its rich charm offers varieties and always fulfills the impression of the each visitor. A real paradise, Malaysia has the unspoilt beaches and islands, the world's oldest tropical rainforests with hidden lime caves.

Wonderful mountains also offers the richest ecodiversity of flowers and fauna among the region. A perfect mixture of the people peacefully dwell together under the same shelter consist of Malay, Chinese, Indian and the indigenous ethnic groups make the nation really colorful.

Numerous visitors explored the treasures of Malaysia however it still remains different attractions.

As part MICE, Malaysia has numerous international standard convention centers, exhibition halls and hotels which proudly offer meetings and events facilities. Various parts of Malaysia, especially in the international standard hotels (international hotel chains) of the major destinations, they have such kind of facilities with different atmospheres.

MICE in Malaysia become popular for its modern facilities, extensive planning and demanding clients. I cordially invite you to experience the exciting tours or organize MICE or a special event here in Malaysia.

Malaysia welcomes you!!!
Salamat datang ke Malaysia

Truly Asia !!!!!

*Photos - Courtesy of Tourism Malaysia



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