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Tigers, Big Predators of Myanmar

Myanmar Tiger on Trap Camera by Wildlife Conversation Society - WCS

Tiger is an animal with full of mystical background stories in Myanmar since for hundreds years ago. Like werewolves in America and Europe, weretigers in Mynmar is one of the most thrilling characters among folklore of Burmese and various ethnic groups. Furthermore it is a part of religious value for animistic beliefs both tribal people and urban communities. Until now, it is remained as one of the major themes in traditionally told bedtime tales.

From the far northern snow-capped mountains to down south Mergui Archipelagos, Myanmar is a shelter for a wide range of biodiversity and wildlife. Various parts of the country itself is a home for mix of species from north Asia, south Asia and southeast Asia. In fact, Myanmar is the largest country by geographical area in mainland Southeast Asia or Indochina Peninsular.

In general, tigers habitat in Myanmar is the Indochinese Tiger (Panthera tigris corbetti) and also known as Corbett's Tiger which are even found in China, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. Records show a number of Bengal tigers also found in Myanmar. They habitat in the deep jungle especially in mountainous or hilly regions. In fact they are very similar to Bengal tigers but practically darker and smaller in appearance. However it is said to be more intelligent and hazardous in the desperate situations. Now all those tigers in estimated population between 1200 to 1800 are only several hundred left in wild and nature due to various reasons such as decreasing of primary prey species which are medium and large size animals (ie. deer, wild pigs, serows etc.), poaching and inbreeding. Furthermore, traditional hunting as basis need for ornaments or costumes by some tribal ethnic groups might be another strong reasons. The illicit demand from China for traditional medicine would be another major reason for the unrelenting poaching pressure on tigers. The traders and brokers for tigers remains are always roaming in tiger habitat areas.

"Myanmar (Burma): Chinese pharmacy, Mandalay, 11. XII . 1987 ; special offer: tiger (Panthera tigris), Asian black bear (Ursus thibetanus), civet cat (Viverra zibetha), Bengal and domestic cat (Felis bengalensis, Felis libycus forma catus), etc."

"The Wildlife Conservation Society and the Panthera Foundation announced plans to establish a 5,000 mile-long "genetic corridor" from Bhutan to Burma that would allow tiger populations to roam freely across landscapes. The corridor, first announced at the United Nations on January 30th, would span eight countries and represent the largest block of tiger habitat left on earth."
Source: Science Citizen / WCS

As an ambitious project, "World Largest Tiger Reserve" has been created in Myanmar. It was in year 2001, the total area of more than triples size of the 2500- square-miles (6500 -square-kilometer) Hukaung Vally Wildlife Sanctuary was established. In fact, Myanmar had been identified since 1995 as a high priority tiger conservation area as WCS Myanmar assume Myanmar has large areas of potential habitat existed for tigers. Followed by this statement, WCS approached with National Tiger Action Plan to Forest Department in 1998 when preliminary surveys and training programs began.

Tours are now possible to arrange for off-the-beaten-trek Htmanti Wildlife Sanctuary in Sagain Division, the Hukaung Vally Wildlife Sanctuary in Kachin State and the Htaung Pru Reserved Forest and Pe Chaung catchment in Taninthary Division consider where global hotspots for Myanmar tigers and biodiversity.

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