Thursday, July 9, 2009


Although the H1N1, world's financial crisis and some other critical factors are seriously threatening to the global tourism, I was busy with various tasks and responsibilities in these days. I am the one who always happy to be busy all the time in fact. People nowadays are hanger for information and knowledge and usually on their own ways to find out for those.

By other means (actually a practical mean) of seeking these information and knowledge are traveling to their interested destinations no matter they are busy or in their constraints. Whenever they have time and disposable money, they eagerly start to think for a trip perhaps more than one.

Malaysia's off-season is over and we from tourism industry people are started to be sank in the sea of daily tasks plus extras if the works are not in good order. Since I joined in this travel industry last over a decade ago, I have being happy to work with.

The reason is I really love to travel. I always try to travel even a short visit to a new or even a repeated place. If the chances (time and disposal money) are not favor me, obviously I would not be able to do so. But according to the nature of business, I am arranging trips for people. At least I am traveling everyday to the various destinations.. with my imagination..

I was busy and until now.. that is the reason why I could not continue the posts especially "The Best of Southeast Asia by UNESCO" which I expected to. It would resume back as soon as it is ready..

Apologies to everyone who visits to this blog where is no new post :)

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Nyi Nyi said...

No Worry mate! I even took about almost a year before I can resume. Pray for some vacation!!

An Asian Tour Operator said...

Gracias amigo :)


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