Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Birds, Nature & Me

Despite I am always facing computer and busy with paperworks talking on phone, I am thinking of the forest, animals and birds. I do not know why but especially in these days. I am working nearby KLCC (the Kuala Lumpur City Center) where the tall buildings and world's famous Petronas Twin Towers are located. Everyday I need to be in the modern lifestyle and dealing with the people from the various parts of the world due to the nature of my work.

However, I always imagine the green forest, village people and wild animals in harmony with mother nature. Dating back to last a few years, I used to have that opportunity to travel around the country and appreciate natural beauties and of course making friendship with local community. That was as part of my profession and I was very happy to do so. I occasionally participate the activities of birds and nature groups as well as the Myanmar Birds & Nature Society. Sometime I am alone myself roaming around the suburban areas of Yangon.

In a way, my concept is "the people who love nature and animals are kind and tolerant". Basically, since they treat kindly to the animal, for sure they would not cruel to human being. Therefore I like them and I love them. In general, I believe they have less cruel minded than normal people at least.

I have many things in my mind and I would like to write part by part..

*Photo by MMMS (MBNS)



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